[sudo-users] sudoers in ldap

Woodward, Andrew andreww at telenav.com
Thu Oct 28 19:12:51 EDT 2010


We've been working to try to deploy sudoers over LDAP. We have been able to
implement the conversion from the local sudoers file to LDAP. However with
the old files method we used to be able have different users have different
sets of command access depending on which silo the server belonged to
(because each sudoers file varied per system).

I'm wondering if there is some shortcut method to performing this now that
the sudoers is centralized in LDAP without having to create separate sets of
sudoers records and groups for each silo (there are currently 6 defined,
with 5 levels of access == mess of ~144 points of management)


Andrew Woodward

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