[sudo-users] sudo: unable to send audit message: Connection refused

george siddiqui george at blue-bolt.com
Tue Sep 21 03:23:06 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I have been trying to clear the following error:

"sudo: unable to send audit message: Connection refused"

which I believe is related to auditing not being switched on in the 
centos 5.3 kernel based on:


I am building sudo-ldap using the mkpkg tool that comes with the source 
for 1.7.4.

I don't think I need this audit functionality so wanted to remove this 
feature from the sudo-ldap rpm.

I tried passing mkpg the configure options


./mkpkg --flavor ldap --platform rpm --with-linux-audit=no
./mkpkg --flavor ldap --platform rpm --without-linux-audit

but continue to get the error.

Is there a way I can set this to not be used with mkpg, or override this 
behavior to switch this off in a similar way the first post above does 
with source rpms?

Many thanks again,

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