[sudo-users] sudoedit allow people to edit a file at the same time

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Tue Aug 9 22:01:58 EDT 2011

Hmm, i would not be satisfied with that. If the effort be undertaken to have a distinct 'sudoedit' command, then i'd expect it to do more magic. It should, for example, not only 'lock' the file but also notify the 'later' editors about who exactly is already editing, at which host and tty.

If that kind of data is maintained anyway, then it could do the locking without knowing the exact editor, just by writing to / looking up this lockfile (maybe a file in /var/lock or so ?).

The command code should probably be a separate binary, i don't see the need to include it into sudo codebase. In my view, it has nothing to do with the sudo functionality. It's basically a thing many other software packages would welcome too, and could as well be a generic 'safe-edit' command for anything.

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