[sudo-users] sudoedit allow people to edit a file at the same time

Dempsey, Steve AZ steve.az.dempsey at intel.com
Wed Aug 10 11:02:09 EDT 2011

As you say this would be creeping featurism for sudo to manage
the many possible use cases of a shared sudoers file.  Leave
that job to some other general purpose tool.

I know of one solution that goes like this using subversion:

	cd $workarea
	svn lock $repos/sudoers || exit 1 # assume svn explains existing lock
	svn co $repos/sudoers
	visudo -f sudoers || exit 1
	svn commit sudoers
	svn unlock $repos/sudoers
	# do something to install new sudoers

Good old RCS will work as well with co -l / ci -u.

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The command code should probably be a separate binary, i don't see the need to include it into sudo codebase. In my view, it has nothing to do with the sudo functionality. It's basically a thing many other software packages would welcome too, and could as well be a generic 'safe-edit' command for anything.

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