[sudo-users] Yet another sudo/pam issue with 1.8.1p2

Brent B. Powers portsbug at b2pi.info
Mon Jul 11 14:47:55 EDT 2011

Unfortunately, I don't know when this started happening. I've upgraded 
from 1.7.4p6 to 1.8.1p2 (via FreeBSD ports).

sudo no longer works with pam_smb, giving the message:

"unable to initialize PAM : No such file or directory"

The log gives the message:

"sudo: in openpam_load_module(): no /usr/local/lib/pam_smb_auth.so found"

Other applications using /usr/local/lib/pam_smb_auth.so do indeed work 
properly. Downgrading sudo to 1.7.4p6 also fixed the problem

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