[sudo-users] SUSE 11, sudo 1.8.1p2, extra output

Jeff Earickson jaearick at colby.edu
Fri Jun 17 13:33:27 EDT 2011


A new SUSE 11 box ( #1 SMP 2011-04-14 10:12:31
+0200 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux), with sudo 1.8.1p2 installed via
tarball (not the rpm that comes with SUSE 11).  My problem:  when
anyone sudo's to root, they get extra output about who has logged in
or out recently:

i: sudo -s
cllangla has logged on pts/0 from dhip-048.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
cllangla has logged on pts/1 from dhip-048.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
emrhinel has logged on pts/10 from dhip-054.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
emrhinel has logged on pts/11 from dhip-054.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
kjmartis has logged on pts/12 from dhip-162.of.its.colby.edu.
jaearick has logged on pts/14 from rongovia.colby.edu.
cllangla has logged on pts/15 from dhip-048.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
jaearick has logged on pts/16 from rongovia.colby.edu.
ihagelin has logged on pts/17 from dhip-141.of.its.colby.edu.
emrhinel has logged on pts/18 from dhip-054.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
kamcglau has logged on pts/2 from dhip-034.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
kamcglau has logged on pts/3 from dhip-034.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
kamcglau has logged on pts/4 from dhip-034.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
emrhinel has logged on pts/5 from dhip-054.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
prmeyer has logged on pts/6 from dhip-022.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
prmeyer has logged on pts/7 from dhip-022.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
prmeyer has logged on pts/8 from dhip-022.of-pr.its.colby.edu.
emrhinel has logged on pts/9 from dhip-054.of-pr.its.colby.edu.

I have never seen this behavior on any other system (Solaris, HPUX,
Redhat).  How to make it go away?  I searched around in the
sudoers.conf file, and also thought that maybe it came via syslog
output (syslog-ng, nope).  Help...

Jeff Earickson
Colby College

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