[sudo-users] Commands not getting the full privilege.

Battersby-Cornmell, Robin Robin.Battersby-Cornmell at diligenta-ltd.co.uk
Mon Mar 21 06:03:32 EDT 2011

Dear all,

I have a bit of an anomaly on two unconnected servers where I'm running AIX 6.1 & sudo 1.7.2p1 (according to sudo -V).  It appears that a sudo command doesn't entirely run as root.  It would seem that there are processes that determine the running user as an ordinary one and therefore fail.  Issuing an entire su command does work though, as shown below.  The issue has probably been there for ages, but all the logical volume creation was done before anything else was defined including user accounts, so I was on as root all the time.  It's been a few years since we changed the password to one I don't know and set up sudo privileges.  A few searches through the archive has not suggested an answer to me, but that may just be that searches I have tried get nothing or excessive matches because I've used something to generic.

   $ id
   uid=207(RBATTE1) gid=1(staff)
   $ sudo grep TS /etc/sudoers
   TS           ALL= NOPASSWD: ALL
   $ sudo rmps paging00
   0518-506 odmget: Cannot open object class PdAt
           Check path name and permissions.
   0518-506 odmget: Cannot open object class SWservAt
           Check path name and permissions.
   0518-506 odmget: Cannot open object class SWservAt
           Check path name and permissions.
   3001-101 The Trusted Computing Base is not enabled on this machine.
           To enable the Trusted Computing Base, you must reinstall and
           set the 'Install Trusted Computing Base' option to YES.
           No checking is being performed.
   rmlv: Logical volume paging00 is removed.
   0516-1734 rmlv: Warning, savebase failed.  Please manually run 'savebase' before rebooting.
   $ sudo su -
   # mkps -s 30 datavg
   # exit
   $ sudo su - root -c "rmps paging00"
   rmlv: Logical volume paging00 is removed.

I'm a bit stumped on this.  Can anyone suggest what I've done wrong?  Other servers I manage are AIX 5 with older sudo versions and seem to be fine.  Whilst I'm not averse to upgrading sudo, I'm not a C programmer at all, so I've had trouble adjusting it for the install.

Many thanks, in advance,

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