[sudo-users] chroot and performing admin tasks in a sudo system

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Sun Mar 27 09:13:58 EDT 2011

My main box is amd64 debian testing/unstable with root enabled. Can i do this ? -> 

(1) plug in a harddisk with a 32 bit ubuntu (maverick), taken from a remote offline computer, 

(2) do a chroot into the maverick

(3) aptitude update and download missing packages

(4) back to the remote computer, perform the pending installation

I fear there might be problems with file permissions even if i do the chroot with mavericks sudo users UID, and think it may be safer to do the package debconf tasks beack on the original system. I hope there's a way to download only with piping the aptitude list of packages-to-install to apt-get -d 

My question here is not about 64/32 bit issues (i already asked that on debian-amd64 list) but about the sudo system of the chrooted ubuntu maverick, where i want to do admin tasks. I have to 'sudo' there. I guess i have to log in as a user with the same UID as the maverick main sudo user. Do you think there's something else i need to consider, regarding sudo ?

I'm sorry because i'm a little bit in a hurry and decided to bother you, while i really just should find  myself.

lg Micha

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