[sudo-users] tiger q

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Sat Nov 26 10:48:28 EST 2011


I know this is not a sudo issue but i'm only on this security related list and since you should be security sensitive .... pls let me ask this.

This is a Debian Sid, weekly updated. Installed 'tiger' and it found 269 binaries (mostly in /usr/bin) which do not belong to any package. I checked this carefully, and it's true.

For example, i could launch stuff like mp3cd or xchat which got deinstalled long time ago. And apt is configured to auto-purge anything, although the binary should be removed anyway.
According to aptitude it was purged.

I am starting to loose my confidence into the Debian package management. Can someone tell me how this can happen ? Do you experience the same thing ?

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