[sudo-users] Fwd: Re: [PATCH]: sudo 1.8.2 .o to .lo

Kelly Anderson kelly at silka.with-linux.com
Mon Oct 10 23:49:34 EDT 2011

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Subject: 	Re: [sudo-users] [PATCH]: sudo 1.8.2 .o to .lo
Date: 	Mon, 10 Oct 2011 21:48:56 -0600
From: 	Kelly Anderson <kelly at silka.with-linux.com>
To: 	Todd C. Miller <Todd.Miller at courtesan.com>

On 10/10/11 07:59, Todd C. Miller wrote:
>  On Sun, 09 Oct 2011 16:47:07 MDT, Kelly Anderson wrote:
>>  1.8.2 (problem started with 1.8.x) is not linking properly.
>>  Make does not know how to implicitly make a .o from a .lo.
>>  Here's two patches that fix this problem.
>  What OS and version of make do you see this problem with?  The
>  dependency for the .o file on the .lo file should be sufficient as
>  libtool builds both at the same time.
>    - todd
My guess is that you're using an older version of libtool.
My version is 2.4.  2.4 puts the .o files in a .libs directory.  My make
is 3.81.

My patches should work with any version of libtool.

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