[sudo-users] Sudo 1.8.1p2 sudo: unable to dlopen error

Rakesh Rajasekharan rakesh.rajasekharan at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 07:11:26 EDT 2011

Hello  ,

I have compiled the sudo 1.8.lp2 on an HPUX- HPPA 11.11 machine. and the
compiled binary works fine here . But, if I try to execute it in any other
HPUX 11.11 or higher verison PA-RISC machine, it complains about some
library issues.

# /opt/soe/local/sudo/bin/sudo -V
Sudo version 1.8.1p2
Configure args: --prefix=/opt/soe/local/sudo-1.8.1
--exec-prefix=/opt/soe/local/sudo-1.8.1 --sysconfdir=/opt/soe/local/etc
--with-pam --with-timedir=/var/run/sudo --with-CC=gcc --with-ldap
sudo: unable to dlopen /opt/soe/local/sudo-1.8.1/libexec/sudoers.sl: No such
file or directory
sudo: fatal error, unable to load plugins
I though , have the above mentioned sudoers.sl file present in the above

# ls -ltr /opt/soe/local/sudo-1.8.1/libexec/sudoers.sl
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root       sys        1636220 Sep  2 05:49
Can someone help me out here.

Thanks in advance,


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