[sudo-users] tar fails on gzip or bzip compression

Joe Friedeggs friedeggs44 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 25 08:23:23 EDT 2012

I am having issues with 'tar' command when compression (gzip or bzip2) is used.  The users have sudo access to:

/bin/tar *

but this fails when the gzip (or bzip) options is selected.  For example:

 > sudo /bin/tar ztvf testthis.tar.gz
/bin/tar: gzip: Cannot exec: Permission denied

I’ve tried giving the users gzip permissions; this did not
help.  This fails while tarring (c), untarring (x), or listing the content (t).  Ownership of the tarball does not seem to matter.  The only way the users can execute
the tar with the compression options is if they have ‘ALL’ sudo command


Without the compression option, the user has no problems with tar.  It only fails with compression.  Our severs are running CentOS 5.6 or RHEL 5.3.





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