[sudo-users] Wildcards usage

Net Warrior netwarrior863 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 08:10:16 EDT 2012

Hi there guys.
I'm trying to setup a user/users to be able to run some script inside
a directory but still no luck, this is what I've got:

Inside /path/tmp/another_path/SOFTWARE.1.1.2/Script-1.1.2.sh

The directory named SOFTWARE varies it's name along the software
version changes so the script name, so I did:

Cmnd_Alias   RUNSCRIPT = /path/tmp/another_path/SOFTWARE.?.?.?/Script-?.?.?.sh

The_user_group contanis the guys I want to give permission to execute
the script.
%the_user_group  ALL = NOPASSWD: RUNSCRIPT

Everytime the user tries to execute for example
/path/tmp/another_path/SOFTWARE.1.1.2/Script-1.1.2.sh, to begin with
sudo asks for password
the it complains with a message like this
Sorry, user username is not allowed to execute
'/path/tmp/another_path/SOFTWARE.1.1.2/Script-1.1.2.sh' as root on

Any idea wha't I'm I doing wrong?

sudo version:

Thanks for your time and support.

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