[sudo-users] sudo on Solaris 10 non global zone with Powerbroker Open 7

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Wed Jun 27 14:43:14 EDT 2012

On Wed, 27 Jun 2012 10:41:13 PDT, "Martin, Jeff" wrote:

> I have 20 Solaris 10u10 Sparc non-global zones running with Powerbroker
> Open 7 running for AD authentication.
> I have compiled sudo from the source and it work just fine, but users
> are complaining that it takes upwards of 3-5 minutes for the sudo
> command to come back. I am not sure and by no means blaming sudo, I am
> just inquiring if perhaps I missed a compile option or if there is a
> setting that can perhaps be tweaked to get the performance a bit
> quicker. Any ideas/thoughts are appreciated, thanks!

1) Are you using file-based or LDAP-based sudoers?

2) Do you have any rules that use wildcards?  If so, does enabling
   the fast_glob option help?

 - todd

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