[sudo-users] sudo ldap snow leopard 10.6

Nicholas Lawrence nrlawrence at rmwvfxuk.com
Fri Mar 23 07:52:57 EDT 2012

Hi all, dont know if this is the correct place for this so please
push me in the right direction if you can.

I am having trouble with sudo version sudo-1.8.4p4.pkg that i
downloaded for snowleopard. We currently use centos 5 and snow
leopard in the company.

We have a 2008 active directory with ldap and with the added sudo
schema - this works perfectly for centos and only half works with
snow leopard.

If I setup a sudo user in adsi on the AD, this will work fine. The
problem is we need to use groups (eg. %group) and this does not
work for osx, but works perfectly for centos.

Is this pam related? the /etc/ldap.conf and the /etc/nsswitch.conf
are setup exactly the same as centos any help would be really



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