[sudo-users] centralized iolog deployment

Patrick Spinler spinler.patrick at mayo.edu
Thu Mar 29 10:35:41 EDT 2012

On 3/29/12 9:19 AM, konrad rzentarzewski wrote:
> so, basically my proposal is a standardized format for iolog,
> materialized as a plugin, which can be then consumed by external
> processes (fed by pipe or network socket). the same may apply to 
> policy plugin - a simple api (might be sasl-compatible) which provides
> needed authentication information to sudo from external sources.

Well, this seems largely orthogonal to what I'd like to do, and the
decision on whether or not to accept such a code patch isn't mine
anyway.  I'm not really a sudo developer, I only volunteered to
implement a feature that I'd like to see.

-- Pat

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