[sudo-users] Does NOT result in the creation of sudo IO log directories by user name in /var/log/sudo-io as described in the sudoers manual

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Fri Sep 28 08:30:17 EDT 2012

You are reading the sudoers manual for version 1.8.6 but you are
running 1.7.10.  The escape sequences in iolog_dir are only supported
for sudo 1.8.x.  If you look at the sudo 1.7.10 manual you will see
no mention of them.


If you want to use this feature you will need to upgrade your sudo.

To fix the DISPLAY_LAST_LOGIN issue you will need to add a sudo
entry to /etc/pam.conf.  The following should do the trick:

sudo session required libpam_hpsec.so.1 bypass_umask bypass_last_login

The configure script tells you this when it is run but there should
probably be an entry in the troubleshooting guide about it too.

 - todd

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