[sudo-users] Is there a utility to indent sudoers file and enforce a coding standard against sudoers?

phoebus phoebus frphoebus at yahoo.fr
Sun Aug 4 07:30:36 MDT 2013

Hello everyone,

We have a coding conventions (set of guidelines) for sudoers files.
I look for a configuration file indenter, formatter and beautifuler for sudoers files?
I tried to use some "indent" program to indent sudoers files. But there does not seem to work fine.

Does it exist a tools like checkstyle (http://checkstyle.sourceforge.net) to automate the process of checking sudoers file to help administrator to adheres to a coding standard?

Note: i know visudo and i use it in on our basic unit test scenario for parsing configuration files.

Any help or comment will be greatly appreciated.




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