[sudo-users] LDAPS + sudo + AIX 7.1

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Sat Aug 17 05:27:27 MDT 2013

On Fri, 16 Aug 2013 18:05:19 -0500, ace man wrote:

> I installed and built every version on the sudo site but when I did
> a `sudo -V` is showed Authentication methods: 'pam'
> My 1.6.9p23 build shows
> Authentication methods: 'aixauth'

Sudo uses PAM by default on AIX 6 and above.  If you need to use
AIX authentication instead, run configure with the --with-aixauth

> This is the only one I could build that would work with LDAP.
> I am using these LDAP libraries:
> /opt/IBM/ldap/V6.3 I am not sure if they are OpenLDAP or Tivoli.

That's Tivoli.

> Here is my configure line:
> ./configure --prefix=/opt/freeware --mandir /opt/freeware/man
> --with-logging=syslog --withlogfac=auth --with-editor=/usr/bin/vi
> --with-env-editor --enable-zlib=builtin --disable-nls
> --with-sendmail=/usr/sbin/sendmail --with-ldap=/opt/IBM/ldap/V6.3
> --with-incpath=/opt/IBM/ldap/V6.3/include
> --with-libpath=/opt/IBM/ldap/V6.3/lib --with-ldap-conf-file=/etc/ldap.conf
> Build + Install:
> make && make PPFLAGS="" PPVARS="flavor=ldap" && make install
> I got these lines from one of the AIX posts on the mailing list.

You don't need to set PPFLAGS or PPVARS unless you are building a
package, in which case you're probably better off using the mkpkg

Sudo 1.6.x is no longer supported so I'd like to help you resolve
whatever problems you are having with the newer versions.

 - todd

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