[sudo-users] sudo target user's alias

sosogh at 126.com sosogh at 126.com
Thu Aug 22 20:33:25 MDT 2013

Hi  list
I have the same question as this one http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9947049/i-added-aliases-to-user-bashrc-but-sudo-u-user-i-alias-name-still-repor .
Somebody suggests set alias sudo='sudo ' .
I have set it both in the caller's and target user's  environment .

root at default11:~# alias  | grep sudo
alias sudo='sudo '

root at default11:~# alias  | grep la
alias la='ls -A'

caller at default11:~$ alias  | grep sudo
alias sudo='sudo '

caller at default11:~$ sudo -u root -i la
-bash: la: command not found

so ,I wonder that if the goal could be achieved or  I am having a wrong  concept .
Thank you .

BTW:I have set to subscribe maillist via http://www.sudo.ws/mailman/listinfo/sudo-users .
But it seems that it does not reply any confirmed mail to me,no matter using any of my email (such as sosogh at gmail.com)

sosogh at 126.com

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