[sudo-users] Sudo fails to launch a program with setpgrp instruction

Francesco Alfano edacedpa at yahoo.it
Thu Jul 25 04:45:45 MDT 2013

I want to launch a program using sudo, I have used this command

sudo './ConnectionManager'

On a:

Distributor ID: ScientificSL
Description:    Scientific Linux SL release 5.5 (Boron)
Release:        5.5
Codename:       Boron
(Like Centos5.5)

and it works, but it doesn't work

Distributor ID: Scientific
Description:    Scientific Linux release 6.4 (Carbon)
Release:        6.4
Codename:       Carbon

in the last case I have immediately the following message: [1]+ Stopped 
sudo './ConnectionManager'

I have check the code and the problem is the instruction int 
setpgrp(void) in ConnectionManager

Someone can help me ?

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