[sudo-users] [BUG] Another system (solaris 10 sparc) requires --disable-pie flag

Christian Jullien eligis at orange.fr
Thu May 23 12:17:13 MDT 2013

Same issue with: ./configure --disable-nls


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On Wed, 15 May 2013 21:23:09 +0200, "Christian Jullien" wrote:

> In case it helps, here is the result of truss sudo when I don't 
> compile with
> --disable-pie:

That trace looks quite different from what I see.  I don't have any
lwp_create in my trace, but I an running an older Solaris 10 patch level.
The placement of the bad brk() call is suspiciously close to where
methods_unicode.so.3 is loaded.

Can you try building with --disable-nls but with PIE enabled and see if that
changes anything?

 - todd

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