[sudo-users] [BUG] Another system (solaris 10 sparc) requires --disable-pie flag

Christian Jullien eligis at orange.fr
Sat May 25 07:06:31 MDT 2013

Ok, I'll give you feedback on next release candidate you'll make.
Many thanks

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On Sat, 25 May 2013 13:58:27 +0200, "Christian Jullien" wrote:

> May I suggest you to support pie only on Linux (easy) or, as Eric 
> suggests, better check that pie is actually supported (maybe with my 
> simple C
> program?)

PIE is supported by more than Linux.  Both OpenBSD and Linux support PIE
binaries.  Solaris 11.1 also supports ASLR but appears to handle it a bit
differently, using the sxadm utility.

For now, I've added a test to sudo's configure based on your malloc test to
verify that a trivial PIE binary will work.

 - todd

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