[sudo-users] Users and Groups aliases?

David Barr dafydd at dafydd.com
Fri Oct 4 11:47:20 MDT 2013

Good Morning!

I'm stuck on sudo 1.7.2p1 off of Oracle EL 5 (which is customized RHEL 5).

Looking at the sudoers man page on the host, I can create

User_Alias   SERVICEACCT = svcuser
Runas_Alias  SVCUSERS = user1, user2
Runas_Alias  SVCGROUPS = group1, group2
Cmnd_Alias   SVCCMDS = command1, command2 arguments2

But, apparently, I can't use both SVCUSERS and SVCGROUPS. If I try this:


with visudo, I get

visudo: Warning: unused Runas_Alias SVCGROUPS

Is that deliberate? May I only tell a service account what users it can run as?

This is related to automating some processes for the Oracle team (which is to say I don't have good visibility into exactly what they're doing). They tell me that they need to do things as oracle:oper, or oracle:dba, or grid:asmadmin, or whatever.



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