[sudo-users] Parsing the sudoers file

Tim Bradshaw tfb at tfeb.org
Tue Sep 24 04:14:23 MDT 2013

On 23 Sep 2013, at 23:29, Kevin Chadwick wrote:

> Surely grep and hostname perhaps with a ssh logged into all systems at
> once and a little sorting of the produced file on a networked filesystem
> afterwards is all that you need?

That would be nice, so long as there weren't too many machines, there was a list of what the machines were, and they were all accessible from a single place.  None of those things are true in my case unfortunately.

This sounds like I'm being sarcastic. It's not meant to be, sorry:  I dream of working somewhere where the IT infrastructure doesn't resemble the decaying fragments of a collapsed civilisation, but I realise I never will.

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