[sudo-users] Converting from /etc/sudoers to LDAP

Steven Soulen Steven.Soulen at macquarie.com
Tue Apr 8 17:44:47 MDT 2014

Hello Everyone,


I'm trying to convert a large sudoers file into an LDAP container.  In
this file we are currently using a few Cmnd_Aliases in a large set of
rules.  So a simplified version of our sudoers file looks something like
the following:


Cmnd_Alias FOO_CMD1 = /usr/bin/bar, /usr/bin/bar2

Cmnd_Alias FOO_CMD2 = /usr/bin/bar3

Host_Alias FOO_HOST1 = host1

Host_Alias FOO_HOST2 = host2

Host_Alias FOO_HOST3 = host3

User_Alias FOO_USER1 = user1

User_Alias FOO_USER2 = user2

User_Alias FOO_USER3 = user3






Reading the Sudo Man page implies that each Cmnd_Alias should be broken
out into an individual cn. However in doing so we'll lose the ability to
edit all of these rules at once.   Has anyone else come across this
problem? If so, can anyone recommend an approach to handling this?


Thanks in advance for any assistance on this.



Steven Soulen 


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