[sudo-users] SUDO SSH_ASKPASS ?

Randy Fitzgerald fitzgeraldrandy at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 13:10:44 MDT 2014

I cannot sudo to root, to do a yum install, since the  ASK_PASS pkg,locks my
keyboard when i try to type my login password,as my password which it is not
any longer?.But it was, just several days ago.Because i sudoed then, and now
complains my name is not in the sudoers file,imagine that.Of course when i
searched for /usr/libexec/openssh/gnome-ssh-askpass fedora terminal tells
me, no such file or directory, then of course as always, you cd to this very
same directory, and guess what it really is there,it really does exist?
imagine that. It is acting as if it was hacked, and a new password was
installed.So would you think that a hacker has root priviledge?, or is this
a common fedora default behavior?,or a common ASK_PASS behavior, until you
edit the sudoers file? and actually type your sudoers password? into that
file, and save it?. the ASK_PASS behavior, is to read the password file,and
then automatically grant access, once it has done this.So why does it not
read my login password file, which i use each and every login? can another
terminal instance,say 2 or more open tty's terminal instances, cause this as
well? since the system v script's can stop this should i install them,to
keep the terminal from only opening one terminal?.I use Feora-19 xfce,with
all recent updates. why would it not accept my login password,for sudo root
access, since it has always done this on every linux box, i have used
previously.Thank you. 

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