[sudo-users] Memory fault with too many wildcard entries?

Armin Kunaschik megabreit at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 16 07:34:59 MST 2014

Hello there,

I ran into a problem with sudo version 1.7.10p7 on AIX 6.1 (perzl.org
sudo stops working randomly with "Memory fault" and no core dump before
executing any commands.
In /etc/sudoers are many command aliases like
Cmnd_Alias ALIAS1 = /somedir/*/*/*.sh
Depending on the number of those lines (and the number of files/directories
to search)
the problem appears... or does not appear.

The number of files in /somedir is ~600.000. The number of *.sh scripts is
I am not lucky with that many wildcards in sudoers, but application guys
insist to have it.

Is it technically possible, that there is an internal memory overflow in
sudo in such case?
Any chance this could be fixed in sudo?


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