[sudo-users] sudoedit in sudo-1.8.7b1 and later doesn't copy the file back post-edit

James ferret-sudoml at explodingferret.com
Fri Jan 3 15:19:47 MST 2014

Hi sudoers,

I have a problem.  When I use sudoedit or sudo -e the tmp file isn't
copied back at the end, so the file doesn't change.  Other sudo commands
(e.g. sudo ls /root) work as expected.  I have tried the most recent
version (1.8.9rc1), different editors, etc.  sudoers file is a default
one with the %wheel ALL line uncommented.  No odd configure options or
plugins (I have downloaded source directly and configured it with only
the --with-pluginsdir changed to make sure it uses the right one).

ps output is interesting.  In version 1.8.6p8 (last version where it
 21305 pts/2    Ss     0:00  \_ bash
 21315 pts/2    S+     0:00  |   \_ ./src/sudo -e ../foo
 21317 pts/2    S+     0:00  |       \_ vim /var/tmp/foo.XXpDzSxh

In version 1.8.7b1 (first version where it doesn't work)
 21305 pts/2    Ss     0:00  \_ bash
 21354 pts/2    S+     0:00  |   \_ vim /var/tmp/foo.XXXTa5qP

There are too many changes between these two for me to work it out from
looking at the source, but this ChangeLog entry looks like it's related:

2013-02-23  Todd C. Miller  <Todd.Miller at courtesan.com>
  * src/exec.c, src/exec_common.c, src/exec_pty.c, src/sudo_exec.h,
  If the policy plugin does not provide a close function, there is no
  command timeout and no pty is required, skip the event loop and just
  exec the command directly.

Let me know if more info needed - system is a fairly standard gentoo
linux box; only thing I can think of that I have that's unusual is I
don't have pam installed, at all.


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