[sudo-users] Restrict chmod, chown and chgrp to certain directories

Rigoberto Juarez rjuarez at semtech.com
Tue Jun 3 17:02:36 MDT 2014

Thanks Steve,

As you mentioned deny is very difficult. I am new to complex sudoers configuration. Where can I find a helper script creation to integrate into sudo?


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This is more easily accomplished by using a helper script that regulates the options allowed for chown/chmod/chgrp.
Trying to express it in sudoers rule syntax with correct permit,deny is very difficult.  Most attempts at 'deny'
type rules when controlling args are futile.


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Subject: [sudo-users] Restrict chmod, chown and chgrp to certain directories

Hi all,

I am trying to restrict the use of chmod, chown and chgrp to certain directory (Only such directory, no other should be enabled). I've been doing some test but it is not working properly.

Here are some approaches I have made with no luck:

Cmnd_Alias DELEGATE =  /bin/chown /eda/*, /bin/chown /eda/* *, !/bin/chown /eda/*..* Cmnd_Alias CHMOD = /bin/chmod /eda/*, /bin/chmod /eda/* *, !/bin/chmod /eda/*..* Cmnd_Alias CHGRP = /bin/chgrp /eda/*, /bin/chgrp /eda/* *, !/bin/chgrp /eda/*..*

%eda ALL=(ALL,ALL)DELEGATE, EDAMOD,EDAGRP ===============================================================

Cmnd_Alias      RUN_EXTENDED =\
                                /usr/bin/chgrp /eda/*,\
                                /usr/bin/chown /eda/*,\
                                /usr/bin/chmod /eda/*,\
                                /bin/chgrp /eda/*,\
                                /bin/chown /eda/*,\
                                /bin/chmod /eda/*


Cmnd_Alias EDAMOD =  /bin/chmod [0-7][0-7][0-7] /eda/*, /bin/chmod [0-7][0-7][0-7] /eda/* *, !/bin/chmod [0-7][0-7][0-7] /eda/*..* Cmnd_Alias DELEGATE = /bin/chown -[RPfchv] [a-z]\:[a-z] /eda/*, /bin/chown -[RPfchv] [a-z]\:[a-z] /eda/* *, !/bin/chown -[RPfchv] [a-z]\:[a-z] /eda/*..* Cmnd_Alias EDAGRP = /bin/chgrp -[RPfchv] [a-z]\:[a-z] /eda/*, /bin/chgrp -[RPfchv] [a-z]\:[a-z] /eda/* *, !/bin/chgrp -[RPfchv] [a-z]\:[a-z] /eda/*..*

%eda ALL=(ALL,ALL)DELEGATE, EDAMOD,EDAGRP ===============================================================

Do you any idea or example to accomplish this task?

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