[sudo-users] What should I check?

Leroy Tennison leroy at datavoiceint.com
Mon Dec 21 15:27:29 MST 2015

I'll check that the next time it happens, all storage is local and the hardware is new but I do need to eliminate that possibility. They are VMs. 

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We have had this happen on CentOS7 and Ubunto 14.04 LTS recently. Login then do sudo -i, enter a correct password at the password prompt only to get: 

sudo: unable to open /var/log/sudo-io/seq: Read-only file system 

We haven't tampered with 'seq' (per direction in reponse to a previous question). A reboot solves the problem. 

Sounds like you're skipping the obvious; /var is becoming read-only. 

If those are VMs, make sure the backing store is on a reliable source. A common cause of this is having the stores on NFS over a flaky network. 

Not a sudo problem, a system problem. 

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