[sudo-users] 1.8.14p2: allocation failure when run in an at script

balducci at units.it balducci at units.it
Wed Jul 22 04:09:19 MDT 2015

hello everybody,

apologies if I am missing some blatant point here.

Just built and installed 1.8.14p2 and finding the following problem.

When sudo is run from inside of an at job, it dies with the following

      sudo: main: unable to allocate memory

This should be easily reproduced with:

    prompt> batch
    at> sudo ls
    at> <EOT>

The above allocation failure should then be reported in the mail
generated by at

sudo versions <=1.8.14p1 work without any glitch under the same

>From what I can vaguely understand, the problem might be connected
with this commit:

 2015-07-19  Todd C. Miller  <Todd.Miller at courtesan.com>

         * src/regress/ttyname/check_ttyname.c, src/sudo.c, src/sudo.h,
         Avoid needless memory allocation when resolving the tty name.

since there shouldn't be any tty associated with at jobs (but my
knowledge about this is less than poor).

I thank you very much in advance for any feedback and help

and thanks a lot to tod miller for maintaining and making publicly
available sudo


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