[sudo-users] tty_tickets causes script (no tty) failure

John Wiersba jrw32982 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 19 15:00:50 MDT 2015

Thanks, Todd -- glad to hear this is fixed in sudo 1.8.8!  

Unfortunately for me, this is on Oracle Linux Server release 6.6 (RHEL 6.6) which apparently comes standard with sudo 1.8.6p3.  I'm not sure I can convince my sysadmins to upgrade sudo on these servers.  Is there any work-around?  I have to run a large variety of servers (AIX, Solaris, RHEL, CentOS) with varying versions of sudo.  On most of them that were built or pre-configured with tty-tickets, I have been able to turn off tty-tickets to get around this problem, but I'm trying to avoid doing that on this particular bunch (I want to leave sudoers alone if at all possible).
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What version of sudo are you using?  Starting with sudo 1.8.8, when
tty_tickets are enabled and there is no tty present sudo will use
a single ticket for all commands with the same parent process ID.

This works as you would like given the simple example:

$ ssh localhost "sudo id; echo SOMETHING | sudo cat"
uid=0(root) gid=0(wheel) groups=0(wheel), 20(staff)


 - todd


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