[sudo-users] adding setenv to sudoers

Dorman, Carl E. Carl.Dorman at hhchealth.org
Tue Mar 17 07:54:02 MDT 2015

I'm trying to add the following line in the sudoers file as part of Oracle Enterprise Manager install.

usera ALL=(root) setenv:/export/home/usera/agent12c/sbin/nmosudo *

"/usr/local/etc/sudoers.tmp" 86 lines, 2924 characters
>>> sudoers file: syntax error, line 72 <<<

I've  tried various things, with/without space between setenv: and the /,  lowercase senenv and uppercase SETENV, quotes - '/export/home/usera/agent12c/sbin/nmosudo *'.  I keep getting syntax errors.   I'm using visudo.  I've used the left/right/up/down characters (h,j,k,i) to make sure I do not have any unseen characters and that the line is starting and ending properly.  Is there something with sudo on certain versions of Solaris that will not accept the setenv parameter?


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