[sudo-users] adding setenv to sudoers

Dorman, Carl E. Carl.Dorman at hhchealth.org
Wed Mar 18 11:27:12 MDT 2015

Actually the versions of sudo that are not working are the very old versions, 1.6.x versions.  The 1.7.0 versions are working fine.  These are some very old servers on very old releases of Solaris and sudo.  I believe they are going to be retired soon and are not slated for upgrades.  Do you know of another way of accomplishing this?  Can I just give the user root access to the entire directory?


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The correct syntax is:

usera ALL=(root) SETENV:/export/home/usera/agent12c/sbin/nmosudo *

You don't mention what version of sudo you are running, but SETENV has been supported since version 1.6.9 so I'd be surprised if that were an issue.

 - todd

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