[sudo-users] problem in sudo-1.8.10p3-2.1.6; breakage from sudo-1.8.7-5.1.3

L. A. Walsh sudo at tlinx.org
Wed May 27 19:02:02 MDT 2015

Todd C. Miller wrote:
> BTW, you should be able to tell if sudo really is clearing the
> environment by comparing the output of "env" to "sudo env".
>  - todd
Its a new version in a new vendor release out a few months ago.

Hmmm...this could be a PAM prob croping its head up

open suse thinks pam_env.so should be called with every
'su'/sudo' to reinit env, but if they do that, then the
code that sets the DISPLAY won't work as designed --
when you remotely login, DISPLAY should be set to
you your remote host (unless overridden in ssh )

I'm slowing upgrading to their 13.2, but I've found if I
do a full-update all at once, my system often becomes
"inoperable" most in little ways -- that I don't discover
till months later, but sometimes in big ways -- like
when the moved 'mount' to /usr/bin and put a symlink
in /bin->/usr/bin.  Nice, 'cept that usr has to be
mounted for that to work -- which it isn't upon initial

I asked them -- why -- if they needed everything in 1 dir, didn't
they use /bin (their presumption is they are on the same disk --
OR you are "supposed to boot" from their RAMDISK image (I boot
still boot from disk and have /usr separate.  I just have to make
sure any new links in /sbin, /bin/ /lib64 that point to /usr
have the real files copied back to the root disk so I can boot.

---ah... re pam,
looks like my change disabling it in 'session' and putting it
in login only, is still in in the config files, but it isn't
acting that way...

I'm still investigating... cuz now I'm seeing that it is
cleared after 1st bash:
>  typeset -p DISPLAY
declare -rx DISPLAY="athenae.hs.tlinx.org:0"
>  sudo bash -c 'typeset -p DISPLAY'
declare -x DISPLAY=":0.0"

(notice the -r)eadonly switch is cleared... somthing
supposedly not possible in shell. so it had to be
either pam or sudo I think...*sigh*...

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