[sudo-users] problem in sudo-1.8.10p3-2.1.6; breakage from sudo-1.8.7-5.1.3

L. A. Walsh sudo at tlinx.org
Thu May 28 08:33:28 MDT 2015

L. A. Walsh wrote:
Fault is mine.  Sorry -- I'd added REMOTEHOST to the list
of vars to preserve (along with preserving functions).

My prob is that I rarely get patches accepted, so I rarely
bother to make them work in the general case... i.e. this
one was one that lived in the SRPM.

But that's why I asked for the changes I did .. maybe
a year or so ago..... (preserving functions and REMOTEHOST).

-- I wanted sudo to effectively just give me the cap-bits
to do my admin tasks, and that's it.  That's what I use it
for.  I don't want to run as root all the time, but I want
to make it easy for me to promote myself to admin as needed.

If my primary login console wasn't in my home, I might have
to have more security, but as it is, I use the same functions
as root as I do when I'm a use.  If functions stop working
things like this happen:

Ishtar:law> sudo ash
ash: 1: titlebar: not found
/home/law/bin/spwd: line 35: spwd: readonly function
\[\]Ishtar:...>\[\] <<- and that becomes my root prompt.

Telling me  I'm remotely logged in but but that's about it.
(local bash prompt on windows does pretty much the
same thing except since it is my login screen, it doesn't
list the host).

I'm definitely going to have to get more organized w/these
patches (I thought building binaries and source RPM's w/the
new patches in them was doing enough..., but that list is
growing too much...) 

*sigh* & apologies...

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