[sudo-users] Sudo - How To Set Target User / Groups for Many Commands?

e.s. kohen oneflame at windandflame.com
Mon Nov 2 00:37:54 MST 2015


I am working with Sudo 1.8.15 and trying to make some common admin tasks a
little simpler ...

Is there any way for sudo to start an interactive shell for a regular user
or service account -- /while retaining full root access for the commands
entered in that shell/?

- Scenarios: adding many somefolders, links, etc, to users' home folders.
- Creating service directories, modifying and creating configuration files,

*For example:*

*root at localhost >* sudo -i --target-user WebService --target-group
HTTPServices --umask=022

*webService at localhost >* touch /etc/testFile

webService at localhost > ls -l /etc/testFile

# confirms that WebService:HTTPServices is set as owner with 755
permissions. ...


- Not having to prefix every command with "sudo"
- Not having to go back and modify permissions.
I am aware of how to use sudo and go back and change many commands.

Thanks for the help!

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