[sudo-users] sudo script is not sending mail as the invoking user -resolved

Tansley, David David.Tansley at acegroup.com
Sat Sep 19 05:38:30 MDT 2015

OK, after much experimenting, sudo does not send the email as the invoking user under AIX (6/7)if using:
sendmail -t .....
mailx   works.

Also putting  SIGNATURE env var ( mail uses the gecos field of the user to override ) in  sudoers, seems to have done the trick with mailx and mail.
So a bit of script amendments for me.
Now all looks good. Can send mails under invoking user , recipients get mail as the invoking user, with all the report attachments. Thanks for your help.


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There was a bug in older versions of sudo 1.8.x where the parent sudo process (but not the actual command) was run with the effective uid of the user and not root.  It's possible that this influenced the user mail used by default.

The change set in question is:

I don't know why mail would be looking at the parent process instead of just using the login uid.

For what it's worth, if you run /usr/sbin/sendmail directly instead of via /usr/bin/mail it will honor the LOGNAME environment variable.


$ /usr/sbin/sendmail -t << EOF
To: user
Subject: foo


 - todd

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