[sudo-users] hpux 11.31 - upgrading sudo package

Kathar Mydheen Kattubava kkattubava.c at stc.com.sa
Wed Jun 29 04:39:57 MDT 2016

Thanks Todd for the reply. I believe before command will upgrade the old sudo, though it is "swinstall" or for upgrade any specific option we need to use.

Swinstall -s /depot-location-for-new-sudo

Thank you.


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On Sun, 26 Jun 2016 10:28:36 -0000, Kathar Mydheen Kattubava wrote:

> My server is hpux 11.31. I have already installed the sudo package, 
> and the b elow are the details.
> sudo                                  1.8.3p1        sudo
> recently I am getting below errors in the sudo.log file,
> oracle : pam_authenticate: Conversation failure ; TTY=unknown
>     ; PWD=/home/oracle ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/symcli/bin/symclone 
> -sid 26
> 51
>     -f /opt/emc/mapping_files/gsmdb_rep_vmax_clone.txt query
> For this, do I need to upgrade the sudo package to the latest ?
> The latest available package in hpux porting and archive website is 
> "sudo-1.8 .17".
> When I upgrade this sudo package using "swinstall", whether any change 
> will h appen in the already exisiting configuration file.
> Requesting your expert advise.

The version of sudo you are running is almost 5 years old so I would recommend upgrading to the latest.  Upgrading the sudo package will not alter your existing sudoers configuration file.

I don't recognize the specific problem you are having, but if the problem persists with the latest version of sudo it will be easier to debug.

 - todd

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