[sudo-users] sudo ldap caching

Daniele Palumbo daniele at retaggio.net
Fri Nov 11 12:16:22 MST 2016

Hi Todd,

What about add an internal cache mechanism? Sssd afaik do not support Solaris and aix.
It would be really useful!


Il 11 novembre 2016 17:34:35 CET, "Todd C. Miller" <Todd.Miller at courtesan.com> ha scritto:
>On Fri, 11 Nov 2016 03:24:38 +0100, Daniele Palumbo wrote:
>> I would like to know how sudo can be cached for Solaris and AIX.
>> For Linux i know that sssd may be used.
>> i have found -apart from sssd- only one reference:
>> https://www.sudo.ws/pipermail/sudo-workers/2006-June/000420.html
>> Is there already caching available for sudo?
>I'm not aware of an LDAP caching solution other than sssd.  You
>can, of course, configure both file and LDAP sudoers so there is a
>fallback policy for when LDAP is unavailable.  You just need to
>setup nsswitch.conf or netcvc.conf appropriately.
> - todd

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