[sudo-users] excluding commands from log_output

Divan Santana divan at santanas.co.za
Mon Nov 14 00:18:42 MST 2016

Todd C. Miller <Todd.Miller at courtesan.com> writes:

> On Sun, 13 Nov 2016 01:16:16 +0200, Divan Santana wrote:
>> I've enabled log_output but would like to prevent certain commands from
>> being logged, like top for example.
> You can create a Cmnd_Alias containing the commands for which you
> want to disable I/O logging.  For example:
> Cmnd_Alias NOIOLOG = /ust/bin/top, /usr/bin/ps
> Defaults!NOIOLOG !log_output

Ah - cool.

>> Lastly, would the above work in this scenario:
>> bob at host:$ sudo su - root
>> root at host:# top
>> Ie, when one invokes the top command sometime after sudo, during the
>> sudo "session".
> No, that won't work since sudo would log the entire "su" session.

Ah, that's probably why my brief testing didn't work. I thought that
might be the case. That's OK.

> Note that top is not entirely benign, however, since you can use
> it to kill or renice arbitrary processes.

I suspected that might be the case. As is often the case with some

Thanks a ton as always Todd. :)

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