[sudo-users] disable logging successful commands to systemd journal

ilf ilf at zeromail.org
Wed Nov 30 05:02:14 MST 2016

By default, sudo logs every invocation to system logs.

I would like to disable logging successful commands to systemd journal. 
But I would like to *keep* logs about unsuccessful attempts, like 
"pam_unix(sudo:auth): authentication failure" and "3 incorrect password 

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out from man-pages and 
/usr/share/doc/sudo/ how to do that.

Searching the archives of this list only show an 11 year old thread to 
disable logging of *all* messages generated by a user:

> Defaults>monuser          !syslog=local7


This "Defaults:user !syslog" is also returned by a websearch:

But I cannot even find a mention of that "syslog" option in the 
documentation, let alone an explanatino of what exactly it does.

Also, it disabling logging for an entire user is not what I would like 
to achieve.

So: Does anyone know how to disable logging successful commands (for one 
specific user) to systemd journal?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


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