[sudo-users] When having multiple simultanious SSH connections, only the first two can `sudo`

Manuel Wagesreither ManWag at FastMail.FM
Wed Dec 13 10:48:15 MST 2017

> Do you know if the remote machine uses PAM? 

I  doubt that PAM is used, but I don't know for sure.

The script which is provisioning the system does a mere debootstrap of the latest Debian stable, installs a few additional packages (notably openssh-server and nfs-kernel-sever) and patches some configuration files. The patches which get applied on the configuration files were written by me, they contained no PAM-related settings. Hence, I don't think it is used.

The SSH connections are initiated not using password entry, but by key-authentication, in case that is important.

> Since the root account
> has no password, can you su to root on the session where sudo is
> asking for a password?

No, I can't. It asks me for a password as well. Pressing Enter yields a "Authentication failure".

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