[sudo-users] using find command in sudo command.

Mohammed Iqbal Mohammed.Iqbal at datacom.com.au
Thu Dec 14 20:56:43 MST 2017


I am trying to use find command in sudo  but it's not quit working.

Has anyone had experience using find command in sudoers.

This cmd line is working fine
In sudoers file
Cmnd_Alias LOG_ADM_CMD1     =  /bin/bash -c /bin/find /opt/log/*/core* -mmin -* -print >> /opt/temp/log/core_files.log
peter       CM_LOG_ADM_HOSTS=(john)          NOPASSWD: LOG_ADM_CMD1
[peter at server2]:/tmp> $ sudo -u john bash -c "/bin/find /opt/log/*/core* -mmin -65 -print >> /opt/temp/log/core_files.log"
[peter at server2]:/tmp>

But the following is not working.
Cmnd_Alias LOG_ADM_CMD2     =  /bin/bash -c /bin/find /opt/log/*/core* -mmin +*  -exec /bin/mv {}  /opt/temp/log/  \\;
peter       CM_LOG_ADM_HOSTS=(john)          NOPASSWD: LOG_ADM_CMD2
[peter at server2]:/tmp> sudo -u john bash -c "/bin/find /opt/log/*/core* -mmin +65  -exec /bin/mv {}  /opt/temp/log/ \;"
[sudo] password for john:
Sorry, user john  is not allowed to execute '/bin/bash -c /bin/find /opt/log/*/core* -mmin +65  -exec /bin/mv {}  /opt/temp/log/ \;' as john on server2.local.
[peter at server2]:/tmp>
There are 2 issues, first it asking for password and second does not have permission to execute.

Appreciate positive response.


Mohammed Iqbal


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