[sudo-users] sudoreplay "best practice" questions

Divan Santana dsantana at fnb.co.za
Sat Jan 14 12:30:24 MST 2017

Todd C. Miller <Todd.Miller at courtesan.com> writes:

> On Fri, 13 Jan 2017 10:15:34 +0200, Divan Santana wrote:
>> I've tested this ignore_iolog_errors though it's not working as I'd
>> expect (very) unfortunately. :(
>> It works if the /var/log/sudo-io is a local FS and has filled up.
>> If /var/log/sudo-io is a NFS share goes down I see this:
>> ```
>> sudo: unable to open /var/log/sudo-io/seq: Stale NFS file handle
>> ```
>> And most importantly sudo fails to work. I'd expect the error and for
>> sudo to continue working.
>> Similarly I have tested like this, which also breaks sudo despite
>> ignore_iolog_errors being set:
>> ```
>> [root at testnode:/root]# rm -rf /var/log/sudo-io
>> [root at testnode:/root]# touch /var/log/sudo-io
>> username at testnode:~ » sudo su -
>> [sudo] password for username:
>> sudo: /var/log/sudo-io exists but is not a directory (0100644)
>> username at testnode:~ »
>> ```
>> This is with version 1.8.18p1.
> Both of these issues should be fixed in sudo 1.8.19p2, available now.

Wow, super quick and great timing. I'll be rolling it out shortly.

Thanks again Todd.
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