[sudo-users] Programmatically check whether a user has sudo access at all

R. Diez rdiezmail-temp2 at yahoo.de
Fri Jan 20 10:26:16 MST 2017

Hi all:

I wrote a little guide on how to sandbox Skype:


Now I want to write a script to automate the launching part of it. This 
script should check whether skypeuser has as little privileges as possible.

One of the things I wanted to check is whether skypeuser can access sudo 
at all. However, there seems to be no script-friendly way to check that. 
Or is there?

Some options I found on the Internet require entering a password. Others 
are about parsing sudo's text output. I thought about checking 
membership of the "sudo" group, but that group is called "wheel" on some 

Thanks in advance,

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