[sudo-users] How to preserve functions in scripts for calling by sudo?

L A Walsh sudo at tlinx.org
Sat Jun 3 11:39:00 MDT 2017

Todd C. Miller wrote:
>> Defaults env_keep += "*"
>> Defaults env_keep += "*=()*"
> Sorry, I spoke too soon.  Patterns with more than one "*" will not
> be supported until sudo 1.8.21.  I just pushed a commit to convert
> the bash function check when env_reset is disabled into a pattern
> so it can be removed via:
> Defaults env_delete -= "*=()*"
> But this won't be available until sudo 1.8.21 unless you compile
> your own sudo from the sudo repo.
    I just re-hacked my distro's updated version as it was mostly a
known quantity, to remove the function check in env.c then added 3
lines to the sudoers files.

## env_reset must be on for env_keep to fully work (allow functions)
Defaults env_reset
Defaults env_keep = "*"

Thanks again for addressing some of these issues so I won't
have to keep patching my own versions... ;-)  Have way too
many self-compiled/remade binary & source rpms to effectively
maintain... ug...


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