[sudo-users] accidentally changed the owner of sudo

Tingyu Lu tlu3 at ncsu.edu
Fri Sep 1 09:54:45 MDT 2017

Thanks for your reply, I can log in as root, and I did chown root
/usr/bin/sudo && chmod u+s /usr/bin/sudo.
Now I can use the sudo command. However when I type "ls -l", I got the same
message before. How can I fix it?


On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 10:51 AM, Matthew.Stier at us.fujitsu.com <
Matthew.Stier at us.fujitsu.com> wrote:

> That assumes that su's permissions have not been altered; and give the
> command line executed ....
> Looks like you will need to boot from unaltered media (CD/DVD/USB) or
> remove the drive and mount it on another system, and use that system to
> reset the file ownership.
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> If you are using a system that does not let you log in as root,
> such as Ubuntu or macOS, you will need to boot into single user
> mode to repair the permissions and file mode.  On most other
> systems you should be able to use "su" to change to the root
> account.
> To repair the ownership and mode run:
>     chown root /usr/bin/sudo
>     chmod u+s /usr/bin/sudo
>  - todd
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