[sudo-users] Audit tool for Sudo

Tim Bradshaw tfb at tfeb.org
Sat Apr 14 09:11:46 MDT 2018

I wrote such a thing, called sdrep, which unfortunately I can't distribute as it was done as part of a contract and I don't own it.

It works by parsing sudoers files which is surprisingly hard to do really reliably.  As a result of my whinging, Todd added a feature to sudo which means it can spit out a JSON file (thanks Todd!): I have a plan to redo sdrep to make use of this (and make the result more widely available) although I haven't made any significant progress.

A few years ago (2012?) when I wrote sdrep there did not seem to be any other tool which was really usable.


> On 13 Apr 2018, at 14:40, Price, Dean <dprice1 at metlife.com> wrote:
> Folks,
>                Is anyone aware of any tools that can audit Sudo and provide a report for what users have access to run in Sudo?
> Thank you,
> Dean A. Price, CISSP
> MetLife - IT Security Consultant
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